3 Star Under BRC Rules

At Factory Farm, Emley HD8 9TE

On Saturday 5th August 2023

Penning 9am Boxing 5pm

Judging S. Whincup Fancy/Lops

  1. Fletcher Fur/Rex

EF £3, Lucky Pen 25p (50% Prizes) + BRC Levy, No PM.

Non Stand £2.50 NPM, Minimum 3 Entries in Emley for free pass to show

BRC offers 107 ccs, BOBs, Dips, Rosettes

Emley Specials: Rosettes, Cash Prizes. Best Lop Shield.

Entries by 23rd July by post, tel, email, fb pm.  Cost for return of passes will be added or enclose sae to Rabbit Section Secretary, Emley Ag. Show, 10 Cross Street, Upton, Nr Pontefract, W. Yorks WF9 1EJ,  07748 716663, uptonlops@gmail.com (emails will be acknowledged). All bedding to be provided and removed by exhbitor. Forage and Water to be provided by Exhibitor


CLASSIFICATION (Adult & Young unless *)


LOPS: Cash REW, AOC Self, AOC N/S.  Mini Cash REW, AOC Self, Point, Shaded, AOC N/S. L.Lop Self, N/Self. F.Lop Slf, Ag, Bfly, Stl, AOC N.S. G.Lop Self, Ag, Chin, Bfly, AOC NS. Eng. Meiss. D.Lop REW, AOC Self, Ag, Ch, Sty, Bfly, Or/Fwn, AOC N/S. Plush. Mini REW, AOC Self, Ag, Chin, Sty, Stl, M/S Sab, M/S Smk, Point, Blk Ott, AOC Ott, Fox, Bfly, Or/Fwn, AOC N/S. Non Standard*(Standard must be provided) Chall Ad, U/5, Youth AA*

FANCY:Angora REW, AOC. LHead Self, N/S. B.Hare, Hquin/Mag, Dut Blk/Blu, St/BG, AOC. Tan Blk, AOC, Eng. Him, N.D. REW, AOC Self, Ag, Chin, Sab, Smk, Ott, AOV NS. Pol. REW, AOC Self, Sab/Smk, AOC NS. Thrianta, AOC RV, AOV Fancy. Non Stand*(Standard must be provided). Chall Ad, U/4/5, Youth AA*

FUR: Cont.Gi. Iv.Satin AOC Satin, Mini Satin, Arg, S,Fox, S.Sl/Sab, M.Sl/Sab. Smk, Hav, Chin, Alaska, AOV RV Fur, AOV Fur Non Stand*(Standard must be provided) Chall Ad, U/5. Youth AA*

REX: Erm, Blk, AOC Slf,  S.Sl/Sab, M.Sl/Sab. Or/Fwn. Ott, Chin, AOC N.S.  Mini Rex Erm, Blk, AOC Slf, Cast, Chin, Ott, Or/Fwn. S.Sl/Sab, M.Sl/Sab, Broken, AOC N/S.  Non Stand*(Standard must be provided) Chall Ad, U/5, Youth AA*

Gr. Chall Ad, Yng, BIS*. Youth*.