Hamster Section

Emley Show are proud to host THE NORTHERN HAMSTER CLUB for an Open Shoe under the NHC rules.

Please be aware that an entry ticket is required for this event. Online tickets can be purchased at https://emleyshow.co.uk/visitor-information/tickets/ for a discounted price or at the gate on showday.

Dogs are allowed at this show, but not in the tents or animal exhibit areas.

  • 9.00am Doors Open
  • 10:30am Animals Benched
  • 10:30am Judging Starts

A dog biscuit (supplied by the club) and a piece of fruit or veg MUST be placed in the show pen before benching.

Show Entries must be received by 9pm on Wednesday 31st July 2024 – No late entries accepted. (In exceptional circumstances late entries may be accepted by the Show Secretary at their discretion).

All labels are to be collected at the show. 

No entries will be accepted after the dates above.

Show Pens: A limited number for hire. £1 each. SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. Must be orderedw with entry (Please put number required and state Syrian or Dwarf).

No more than 2 Dwarf Hamsters per show pen. 

Borrower to supply shavings for short hair Syrians & Dwarfs or wood based cat litter for long hair Syrians.

Please remove all contents, label and clean before returning at the end of the show.