Section secretary William Gill

Holding number 49/316/8006

  • Please have animals on the showground by 9:00 AM and remain until 5:30 PM new.
  • drivers are asked to cooperate with parking stewards.
  • Exhibitors must have a minimum of £1M public liability insurance. Copy to be enclosed with entry form.
  • Cattle passports to be given to cattle secretary on the day.
  • Judging begins at 10:30 AM in schedule order.
  • Parade of cattle and trophy presentation in main ring at approximately 4:35 PM.
  • Champion reserves and rosette winners requested to take part.
  • Cattle must be tethered to the Society’s standings, unless expressly asked to move them by the cattle section secretary or their appointed staff.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for attending to their animals at all times.
  • Bulls must be handled by two handlers and in accordance with HSE guidance note GS36 ringed and led by Bulldogs.
  • Hay and straw are NOT provided.
  • The cattle secretary’s decision is final.
  • Tickets issued to exhibitors at the discretion of the secretary.
  • The Society reserves the right to amalgamate or cancel classes depending on entries.

Entry fee-£4.00 all classes (except young handlers)

Prize money 1st = £30, 2nd= £25, 3rd=£15, 4th=£10

Entry fee for young handler’s classes 212, 213, 250 and 251: £1.00

Prize money 1st =£10, 2nd = £7, 3rd= £5 and 4th = £2.00


  • Percy Donkersley Cup for Champion Dry cow
  • Savile cup for best dairy exhibitor within a 6 Mile radius of the show.
  • Charlesworth cup for best udder.
  • Martin Cup for the Reserve Champion beef animal.
  • The Owen and Briggs trophy for champion pedigree beef animal.
  • The David Whitehead memorial trophy for the reserve champion Highlander.
  • Bracken Brae shield for champion Highlander.
  • Cawthorne young farmers cook for best dairy young handler.
  • Emley Show cup for the Best Beef Young handler.

Dexters Trophies

  • Huddersfield District Chronical trophy to supreme champion.
  • Denby Dale District Lions Shield to Champion Dexter bull.
  • Temple Newsam Trophy to the Champion Dexter Cow.
  • Show trophy to the winner of 231
  • Victoria Inn Trophy to the winner of Class 232

All trophies are perpetual and remain the property of the Society.  They should be returned in good condition on or before the show day.

Winners of trophies will be asked to sign a release form before the trophy can leave the show ground.

Cattle Classes

Any beef classes, pedigree or commercial

201 Bull any age

202 Cow any age

203 Female under 24months

204 Female over 24 months

205 Male under 24 months

206 Male over 24 months

207 Calf born in 2023

208 Best Pair from the above classes

209 Champion or Reserve Champion Beef Animal

Dairy Classes

209 Maiden heifer under 2 years old.

210 Cow or heifer in calf.

211 Cow or heifer in milk.

212 Best Diary animal shown by handler over 12 years old and under 26 years old.

213 Best Diary animal born 2023 shown by handler under 12 years of age

Please note classes 212/213 are judged as 50% handling, 50% turnout of handler and calf.

214 Pair of animals from above classes.

215 Champion/Reserve Champion

Highland Classes- judged by Dr Hugh Hoather of Chester.

218 Bull any age

219 Cow in Calf or in Milk born before 1 Jan 2020

220 Calf born in 2023

221 Heifer born in 2020

222 Heifer born in 2021

223 Heifer born in 2022

224 Best Pair of animals from above classes

225 Champion or Reserve Champion Highland

Dexter Classes

231 Calf under 1 year old on show day

232 Maiden heifer under 18 months on show day

233 Heifer in milk or in calf.

234 Cow dry with 3rd or later calf.

235cow in milk with 2nd or later lactation.

236 Bull over 1 year old on showday.

237 Pairs of animals from above classes.

238 Champion/ Reserve champion.

Young Handler Classes

250 Beef calf under 12 month (Handler to be under 16 yrs old)

251 Beef animal over 12 months (Handler to be 16-26yrs old)

Cattle Results 2023