Horse Section

Section Secretary – Mrs S Crossland, c/o Factory Farm, Emley Moor, Huddersfield, HD8 9TE Tel 07814 005368

Closing date for postal entries – Saturday 29th July 2023

ENTRY FEE – £6 per class except for classes 21-26 – £8 and classes 11 & 66 £2 per class

 Late entries may be taken at the Secretary’s discretion with a surcharge of £3 per class entered

Prize money – 1st £10  2nd £8  3rd £6 Rosettes to 4th place unless otherwise stated

Online entries can be made via this website. If you wish to pay by cheque then please email the horse secretary on for an entry form to print off then post to Mrs S Crossland, c/o Factory Farm, Emley Moor, Huddersfield, HD8 9TE


Age taken as on show day unless otherwise stated

The timetable in the schedule is approximate and although the organisers will make every effort to keep to it, the show reserves the right to make alterations as it sees fit

Hard hats that conform to current BSI regulations must be worn by all riders within the showground when mounted and all exhibits should have public liability insurance

All equines on the showground must have a valid passport available for inspection on the day

Equine Influenza – Horses must have been vaccinated to comply with the requirements of the primary course (1st vaccination and then 2nd vaccinations between 21 and 92 days later) Followed by the first booster (150-215 days) and all subsequent boosters. Horses may compete having received the primary course and prior to the 1st booster but not within 7 days of receiving a vaccine dose. Horses must have been vaccinated within 12 months before the show but not less than 7 days before the show. In foal mares should be vaccinated 4-6 weeks before the foal is due to be born and foals should be vaccinated at 6 months of age

NO VEHICLES ALLOWED ON THE SHOWGROUND OR CAR PARKS BEFORE 7AM. Only Horseboxes and vehicles with a trailer on  will be allowed in the horsebox park – NO SINGLE CARS Please note the Show Society requires that all trailers and boxes used to transport equines to the showground must be cleansed prior to attending the show to reduce the risk of spreading disease

Ponies and Horses must only be ridden by a rider of suitable size at any time whilst on the showground

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RIDDEN HUNTER  Judge – Miss M Underwood, Sheffield

To commence approx 8.30am

NOTE – The judge will ride all entries in classes 1 & 2 and they will be required to be trotted up

1 – RIDDEN HUNTER – over 14.2hh and up to 16.2hh inclusive

2 – RIDDEN HUNTER – over 16.2hh

RIDDEN HUNTER CHAMPIONSHIP 1st & 2nd Prizewinners from classes 1 & 2 To be awarded The David W S Hampshire Trophy

IN HAND HUNTERS  Judge – Miss M Underwood, Sheffield                                                                        

3 – BROOD MARE with foal at foot

4 – FOAL (Progeny of mare in previous class)

5 – YOUNGSTOCK – 1/2/3 years old, may split if sufficient entries. Rosette to the highest placed yearling and 2 year old

IN HAND HUNTER CHAMPIONSHIP 1st & 2nd Prizewinners from classes 3 to 5 To be awarded The Lofthouse Cup



DONKEYS   Judge – Mrs C Wood, Cheadle

To commence approx 12 noon

Classes will be judged under DBS rules and application has been made to them for SPECIAL ROSETTES which will be awarded to member winners.

REGULATIONS: Entering one donkey and showing another is not permitted.

Stallions and entire colts must be properly dressed in bridle and bits with the leading rein correctly attached to the bit. In ‘Mare with Foal at Foot’ Class, superficial blemishes of a non-hereditary character do not necessarily debar a mare from being awarded a prize. No person under the age of 18 years may handle an entire male donkey (foals excepted). The classes are open to all donkeys but DBS rosettes will be awarded to DBS members. The ‘In Hand Champion Donkey’ at this show automatically qualifies for the relevant Championship at the DBS Annual Supreme Championship Show, provided it is owned by a fully paid up member of the DBS. Where the ‘In Hand Champion Donkey’ has previously qualified, the Reserve Champion Donkey will be deemed the Qualifier. A donkey may win more than one championship at shows but will qualify only once for the DBS Supreme Championship Show

6 – OPEN DRIVING, Donkeys to be 4 years & over. (Providing harness & vehicle fit correctly & are safe & clean, they will not be taken into account in the judging)

7 – BEST CONDITIONED AND TURNED-OUT DONKEY – 75% condition, 25% Turnout. Conformation not be taken into account.

8 – STALLIONS & GELDINGS, 4yrs and over.

9 – MARE WITH OR WITHOUT FOAL AT FOOT,4 years old & over. Brood mares to be 5yrs & over with own foal at foot. Foal to be judged first & to be 6wks or over on Show Day

10 – YOUNG STOCK, Colt, Filly or Gelding, 3 years old and under.

CHAMPIONSHIP – 1st & 2nd prize winners from classes 8-10 Winner to receive The Tetlow Trophy presented by Owrams Donkeys

The judging of the ‘Best Local Donkey’ will commence after the Championship. Open to all DBS Members living within 25 miles of the showground

11 – YOUNG HANDLERS. Handler to be over 3yrs old & under 16yrs old on Show day. Entry fee £2

12 – RIDDEN DONKEY, 4 years old & over. (Min. age for rider 3 years)-Leading Rein competitors must be led by a competent Adult(18yrs+) and rider 8yrs and under. Lead Rein must be attached to the noseband.




SHIRE HORSES  Judge – Mr J Etches, Ashbourne Derbyshire

To commence approx 2pm


This show is affiliated to the Shire Horse Society and a Silver Plated Spoon for the best Mare or Filly is awarded subject to the following conditions: – The owner shall have been a member of the local Society for not less than 6 months prior to the last date for entry for the Show. If not already a member, the winner of the Special Prize must become a member of the Shire Horse Society. No animal to be eligible to take more than one Silver Spoon during any one year.  The Royal and Shire Horse Society Shows being excepted. The winning animal must be registered or be eligible for registration in the studbook or grade B register.  The winning animal must be free from disease. The Council reserve the right, in offering their Spoon, to award it only to persons approved by the Shire Horse Society & subject to confirmation in the uncontrolled discretion of the Council

Prizes 1st £40 2nd £30 3rd £20 4th £15 (Classes 13 – 18 & 20)

13 – 3 YEAR OLD AND OVER, GELDING OR BARREN MARE Winner awarded The Taylor Trophy

14 – BROOD MARE WITH FOAL AT FOOT Winner awarded The Tipler Trophy

15 – COLT OR FILLY FOAL Winner awarded The Thomas Lodge Trophy

Emley Show is participating in the SWYSHHS FOAL ACCUMULATOR Open to pure bred Shire Horses born in 2023

Participating Shows :  Honley,  Harthill Carnival, Emley, Halifax and Penistone.

Points will be awarded according to the placings of the foal in the foal classes –(classes may be split into filly and colt –  at each shows discretion).

Points awarded as follows:  1st – 5pts, 2nd – 4pts, 3rd – 3pts, 4th – 2pts, 5th – 1pt.

This accumulator competition is open to everyone.

Membership of any of the show societies is not required.

Champion foal from the accumulator will receive £200- kindly donated by SWYSHHS Reserve Champion foal will receive £100– kindly donated by Messrs R & R Bedford of Hartcliff Shires.

16 – YEARLING COLT, FILLY OR GELDING Winner awarded The Show Managers Plate



19 – YOUNG HANDLERS – open to handlers between the age of 12 and 18 years inclusive NB – No foals of stallions to be shown by young handlers Prizes – 1st £15, 2nd £10, 3rd £6

20 – RIDDEN HEAVY HORSE – Open to all recognised heavy horse breeds, class may be split if sufficient entries

HEAVY HORSE CHAMPIONSHIP to be held in the Main Ring at approx. 3.45pm

1st & 2nd Prizewinners from classes 13/14/15/16/17/18/20 Winner to receive the AG & JB Wilson Trophy

All Heavy Horse entries are asked to attend the Grand Parade in Ring 1 after the championship


UNAFFILIATED SHOW JUMPING       Judge – Mrs T Leesley                                             Gate Steward Mrs K Bostock


CLEAR ROUND starts 9.30am last entry taken 10:15am Entry fee £5 Rosette to all clears


Classes 21 – 26 Entry fee £8 Prize money 1st 15 2nd 12 3rd 8

Class will be split into horse and pony if more than 20 starters and 2 sets of prize money will be awarded

PASSPORTS will be randomly checked and Flu Vaccines Must be upto date.  In the event of insufficient entries lower prizes may be withheld. Rule – 76.6  Showjumping to be run under BSJA rules.  Please state Horse or pony on the entry form

Please note that the Donkey section will be competing in the adjacent ring from approx. 12-2pm

10:30 Start

21 – 60 cm Senior and Junior for novices not to have won 3 x 1sts 60cm or above.  Single phase.

22 – 70 cm Senior and Junior.  Single phase.

23 – 80 cm Senior and Junior.  Single phase.

24 – 90 cm Senior and Junior. Single phase.

25 – 1 meter OPEN Senior and Junior.  Single phase. 

26 – Chase me Charlie (if time and sufficient entries)



TRAINING STAKES    Judge – Miss D Brook, Halifax

To commence approx. 8.30am

Classes 27 & 28 to complete only the jumping element and will be judged on style and manners whilst jumping, not conformation. Open to horses and ponies, Rider any age

27 – TRAINING STAKES. Height of fences 1’6”

28 – TRAINING STAKES. Height of fences 2’0”

WORKING HUNTER PONIES    Judge – Miss D Brook, Halifax

To commence approx. 10am

29 – MOUNTAIN AND MOORLAND WORKING HUNTER PONY Rider any age, Fences not exceeding 2’

30 – NOVICE WORKING HUNTER PONY not exceeding 14.2hh, Rider any age. Combination not to have won a 1st in any Working Hunter Pony Class. Fences not exceeding 2’ Winner awarded the Samantha Arnold Shield

31 – OPEN WORKING HUNTER PONY not exceeding 14.2hh, Rider any age Fences not exceeding 2’6” Winner awarded the Churchfield Trophy

WORKING HUNTER HORSES     Judge – Miss D Brook, Halifax

To commence no earlier than 1.30pm

Judging will be 50% jumping, 50% conformation and manners.   Freedom of jumping and style of rider while jumping to be taken into account

32 – NOVICE WORKING HUNTER over 14.2hh. Fences not to exceed 2’6”, horse not to have won £20, in Working Hunter or Show Jumping classes. Winner to receive The Yorkshire Equine Trophy

33 – OPEN WORKING HUNTER – Horse to exceed 14.2hh. Rider to be 16 years or over  Fences not to exceed 3’ Winner to receive The Churchfield Shield presented by Mr & Mrs P Dixon        Class may be split if sufficient entries

CHAMPIONSHIP – 1st & 2nd prize-winners from classes 32 &33 Winner awarded The J B Hampshire Memorial Trophy

The Rockwood Rose Bowl presented to The Rockwood Harriers Hunt member with the highest marks in classes 32 & 33


RIDDEN SHOW PONIES & HORSES   Judge – Ms S Ramsden, Halifax

To commence approx. 8.30am

34 – LEAD REIN 12.2hh and under rider 10 years and under. The Wilson Trophy awarded for the best pony within a 6 mile radius of Emley Cross.

35 – FIRST RIDDEN rider 12 years and under

36 – SHOW PONY/SHOW HUNTER PONY not exceeding 14.2hh rider any age. Winner awarded the Briar Rose Trophy

37 – RIDING HORSE Over 14.2hh. Winner to receive The Lascelles Hall Saddle Club Trophy

38 – RIDDEN COB to include Maxi Cobs





MOUNTAIN & MOORLAND   Judge – Mrs L Taylor, Bradford

To commence approx. 11.30am


40 – STALLION, 4 years and over, adult handler Ian Beevers Trophy awarded for the highest placed Shetland

41 – MARE or GELDING 4 years and over

42 – YOUNG STOCK 1/2/3 years old Rosettes to best yearling and two year old


43 – STALLION, 4 years and over, adult handler

44 – MARE or GELDING 4 years and over

45 – YOUNG STOCK 1/2/3 years old. Rosettes to best yearling and two year old


46 – LEADING REIN Mountain & Moorland Small Breeds. Riders of suitable size for pony, and 3 years and over.

47 – RIDDEN Mountain & Moorland Small Breeds

48 – RIDDEN Mountain & Moorland Large Breeds

Championship “A” 1st & 2nd prize winners from small breeds classes

Championship “B” 1st & 2nd prize winners from large breeds classes

Championship “C” The Hull Trophy awarded to the Highest Places Shetland

Supreme Championship for the George Kendall Trophy competed for by Champions and Reserves from the “A” & “B” Championships


EQUITATION  Judge – Ms S Ramsden, Halifax

To commence approx. 2.30pm

49 – EQUITATION – riders 17 years and over.  Winner awarded The Beaumont Cup

50 – EQUITATION – riders 16 years and under. Winner awarded The Ward Trophy

51 – EQUITATION LEADING REIN Rosettes to all competitors Winner awarded The Shires Trophy


COLOURED HORSE & PONY    Judge – Miss A Butler, Rotherham

to commence approx. 9am               

This Show is affiliated to the Coloured Horse & Pony Society (UK), Affiliation number 23-127. Both owner and rider/exhibitor need not be a member of CHAPS(UK) nor must the horse or pony be registered with CHAPS(UK) to compete. However in order to qualify both the owner and exhibitor need to be a current showing member and present their valid qualifier card IN THE RING for signing by the Judge Members to apply in writing to CHAPS(UK) for appropriate qualifier card. The CHAPS(UK) Championship Show will be held on 10-12 Aug 2023 Shows held on or after date of Championship Show will count as 2024 qualifiers. The following classes are CHAPSUK) Qualifiers; 54 – 58. For full rulings and information on competition/qualification please refer to the CHAPS(UK) members Handbook, or visit for rulings. Only skewbald & piebald may compete in these classes. All stallions 4 years and over entering these classes must be graded with CHAPS UK. All Stallions must wear Stallion ID discs in the ring without exception.



54 – CHAPS (UK) OPEN YOUNGSTOCK QUALIFIER: 1, 2 or 3yr olds: no foals.

55 – CHAPS (UK) NATIVE/COB/TRADITIONAL OPEN RIDDEN QUALIFIER, any height. Winner awarded The Balkly Ponies Trophy presented by The Green Family


CHAPS CHAMPIONSHIP for 1st & 2nd prize winners from 54 – 58 to compete for The Tobias Hobson Memorial Trophy presented by the Whiteley Family


FOREIGN BREEDS Including Arabs    Judge – Mr G Steeden, Bury

To commence approx. 12 noon

The following classes are for any Breed of Horse or Pony not originally native to the UK Please state the Breed on the entry form classes may be split if sufficient entries

57 – IN HAND PURE and PARTBRED YOUNGSTOCK 1/2/3 years old Rosettes to the highest placed yearling and two year olds

58 – IN HAND PURE and PARTBRED 4 years old and over The Ringparts Trophy awarded for the highest placed Arab

59 – RIDDEN PURE and PARTBRED 4 years old & over, rider any age The Fred Kitson Trophy awarded for the highest placed Arab



To commence approx. 2pm

This section is a first round qualifier for the Anthony Evans SSADL Home Produced Senior Showing Series with the final held at Olympia. No Spurs, No Galloping, No face/body jewellery. No foals. Min handler age 9 years. Ridden/In hand Stallions competitors 16 years and over. For further details see before entering. Open to non-members.

In Hand Classes

60 – PRE-SENIOR 15-18 years horse or pony

61 – SENIOR 19-23 years horse or pony

62 – SENIOR PLUS 24 years and over, horse or pony

Ridden Classes

63 – PRE- SENIOR 15-18 years horse or pony

64 – SENIOR 19-23 years horse or pony

65 – SENIOR PLUS 24 years and over, horse or pony


MOUNTED FANCY DRESS       Judges –  Mr M Paterson, Huddersfield

To commence approx 2.45pm

Entry fee  £2 per child          Prizes; Rosettes to all competitors


Open to any age, individuals or groups.  Traditional, Humorous or Topical. Current BSI riding hats MUST be worn.

Competitors to collect by the Horse Secretary’s tent at 2.30pm

Results will appear here after the 2023 event has finished