Children’s Section

Theme – Terra Carta – ‘the best way to keep the planet and ourselves healthy’.

The theme has been selected to celebrate the coronation of King Charles.

The theme of this year’s competition for the children’s section is “Terra Carta”. Terra Carta is a global movement, started by the then Prince Charles, and derived its name from the historic Magna Carta, which inspired a belief in the fundamental rights and liberties of people over 800 years ago.

Terra Carta aims to reunite people and planet, by giving fundamental rights and value to Nature, ensuring a lasting impact and tangible legacy for this generation.

The Terra Carta movement is also in keeping with the Emley Show objectives to promote agricultural interests and handicrafts.

Entries will be accepted from 4pm-6pm on Friday 4th August and 8:30am-9:45am on Saturday 5th August


Children are invited to enter any of the classes outlined below and are encouraged to research the following website for ideas to read about Terra Carta.



  • Classes are open to most age groups, as listed in the table below.
  • ‘Recycled art’ is a freestyle class – children may enter a model, collage, painting, sculpture, or handicraft. The only requirement is that the materials used should be predominantly recycled from household waste, such as old clothes, packaging, natural materials found in the wild etc.
 Age 3-4Age 5-8Age 9-11Age 12-15
Recycled art 950951952953
Photography X954955956
Lego model X957958959
Baking – healthy sweet treats 960 (decorating a sweet treat)961962963
Handwriting / Poetry X964965966
Painting, Pencil, Crayons 967968969970
Handicraft 971972973974

2023 Results