Honey Section

 Welcome to the Honey Section which for many years has been organised and attended by members of Wakefield and Pontefract Beekeepers Association.

As Section Secretary I am appointed by the Emley Show Committee, of which I am an active member. I am also Chair of Wakefield and Pontefract Beekeepers Association.

I am passionate about supporting country shows and promoting the craft of beekeeping. I am therefore thrilled to be Emley Honey Section Secretary.

The Emley ‘Honey’ show has two sections with two different schedules.

This year I am pleased to announce that the Yorkshire Beekeepers Association Honey show shall be held at the Emley Show. There are 22 District associations affiliated to Yorkshire Beekeepers and this is the first show to be held since 2019. This show is open to any YBKA member, and the award of Trophies shall be held at 16:00.

Entry Fee = 50p per entry. Entries on the day will be extra 10p per item
Entries £4 + will qualify for exhibitors pass if received before show day
Cheques payable to ‘Emley Show Society’

Whether you are an exhibitor or visitor to the show, we look forward to meeting you in 2024.

Mark Millard
Honey Section Secretary

Open Classes

Prizes: 1st – £3.00, 2nd – £2.00, 3rd – £1.00
Judge Mr T Jefferson – Whitby.


1201 Two 1lb (454g) jars light honey
1202 Two 1lb (454g) jars medium honey
1203 Two 1lb (454g) jars dark honey
1204 Two 1lb (454g) jars soft set or granulated honey (see Rule 11)
1205 Two 1lb (454g) jars heather/heather blend honey
1206 One 1lb (454g) “BLACKED OUT” JAR OF HONEY. Honey to be judged on taste and flavour only, but must be free of wax, foreign matter and defects. The sleeve will be provided by the show organisers
1207 One bottle of dry mead (see Rule 7)
1208 One bottle of sweet mead (see Rule 7)
1209 One cake of beeswax between 8oz (227g) and 16oz (454g) (see Rule 6)
1210 One comb of honey suitable for extraction, excluding heather honey (see Rule 5)
1211 Honey cake – Exhibitors own recipe. Sweetened only with honey.
List of ingredients to be displayed on a card
1212 One pair of any type of beeswax candles. One to be lit by Judge.
1213 Mounted photograph – B&W or colour, including digital, on any subject relating to beekeeping. Min size (excluding mount) 250mm x 200mm

Wakefield & Ponterfact BKA Classes

Open to members of YBKA only

Prizes: – The appropriate Trophy


1214 Two 1lb (454g) jars light honey
1215 Two 1lb (454g) jars medium honey
1216 Two 1lb (454g) jars dark honey
1217 Two 1lb (454g) jars granulated honey (see Rule 11)
1218 Two 1lb (454g) jars soft set honey (see Rule 11)
1219 Two 1lb (454g) jars heather/heather blend honey
1220 Three 1lb (454g) jars of assorted honey (three distinct varieties)
1221 Two 1lb (454g) jars of honey exhibited by a Novice (see Rule 14)
1222 One comb of any honey suitable for extraction (see Rule 5)
1223 Two pieces of cut comb honey, flower or heather, presented in standard commercial containers. Min Weight 8oz (225g). Place 1 label in top R/H corner.
1224 One cake of beeswax between 12oz (340g) and 18oz (510g)
1225 Decorative beeswax models min of 3 max 6. Area 305mm x 305mm maximum
1226 One bottle dry mead (see Rule 7)
1227 One bottle sweet mead (see Rule 7)
1228 One bottle melomel mead (see Rule 7) – exhibitor to state on a label located opposite side to class label, fruit type and whether sweet or dry.
1229 One Honey cake to the following recipe: –
8oz (225g) self raising flour, 6oz (170g) honey,
4oz (113g) butter, 6oz (170g) sultanas, 2 eggs a pinch of salt.
Bake in 7-inch cake tin, moderate oven for approx. 90 mins.